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Just Checking In!

Hello all!

My name is Sara and I'm one of your community maintainers. Admittedly, I have not been terribly active lately. This is mostly because I am a veterinarian now three years out of school. I did utilize this community quite a bit when I was a veterinary student, and I do want to keep it open and active for those of you who are headed to vet school or in vet school now.

In three years of private general practice I have learned quite a lot about life, reality, medicine, and client care. I have forgotten more book info than I'd like to admit or even consider.

I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm available for help or chatting any time. The best way to contact me is through direct email or by commenting on a post in which I'm involved.

So it's about time to work on VMCAS, yes? Anybody out there working on that??


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Jul. 31st, 2011 05:52 pm (UTC)
Hello! I'm working on my application right now, and am stumped with my personal statement. I feel like everything I write is "too cliche'". Any advice? :)

I'm nervous because my GPA is about a 3.5, and my science GPA is not great. I go to Murray State and have done Animal Health Technology classes because if I don't get in the first time I don't want a degree in "Pre-Vet," and I'll graduate with a LVT. I hear vet school looks down on people like that who haven't taken a load of science and biology courses... I'm really involved and have a lot of leadership experience in my agriculture sorority and the Pre-Vet club, and got a 1210 GRE score, which is pretty good, based on what I heard. I also feel so nervous and confused just thinking about my interview in the spring- any advice on how to prepare for that?
Jul. 31st, 2011 11:59 pm (UTC)
Ah the personal statement is always a toughie. I did a free form stream of thought sort of thing and it worked well for me (after many many draft revisions). I wasn't sure exactly how to build it, but I bet there are websites out there with that sort of info.

My application GPA was 3.5 - I brought it up a whole 0.1 by getting two back to back 4.0 semesters, but those last two semesters were not included in my initial application. My GRE was right around the same area as yours - I can't remember exactly. It's good that you have a lot of extra-curricular stuff. It also helps a lot if you've got a lot of hours either working or shadowing in a vet hospital.

As for interviews, they do them differently at all the school. I met with two different faculty members. The one guy asked me questions about the pros and cons of trap-neuter-release programs and also about prions - which I totally blew because at the time I didn't even know what prions WERE. Somehow I still got in ;)

I was initially wait-listed at Ohio State and Tennessee. I was admitted in the first round of standbys at OSU. I never made it far enough up the list at Tennessee, but oh well, their loss!

Good luck and have fun :)
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