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I am going up to Cornell in November for one of the tours/informational sessions for potential vet school applicants. I'm planning on spending the weekend there to try and get a feel for the local area. Does anyone in the community go to Cornell, and what would you recommend seeing on campus and in the surrounding area?


Application deadlines!

Anyone else having a grand ol' time finishing up the VMCAS application? Not to mention all of the "supplemental" applications that we have to send to all the schools!

I personally am a little stuck on my statement of purpose, but it's almost finished. Any helpful hints out there? It's so difficult to truly convey the desire and passion and hard work I've already dedicated to pursuing this career in 5000 words or less!

Off to make more check lists and stress out some more! Good luck everyone!

Questions about Ross

There are a few community members who go to Ross, right?

Does Sallie Mae handle any of the loans or anything?

How good is on-campus wifi? How good is the internet (connectivity/reliability) in off-campus housing?

Are there snack shops or cafes on campus?

Do you really need a car? It seems that campus is...a 10 or 20 minute walk from town...seems like a bicycle *could* work possibly...

Are US driver's licenses alright, or do you need an international driver's license? Have any students gotten St. Kitts...ian driver's licenses?

Thanks in advance :)


AVMA accreditation

Hey everyone -

Does anyone know how AVMA accreditation works? - like in regard to attending a veterinary school that either

a) gains accreditation during your course of study


b) gains accreditation after you've graduated

For example, I've worked with a vet who got her DVM from the University of Utrecht, and they've gotten AVMA accreditation not too long ago. But I think she graduated before they were granted accreditation...

Or for someone attending Ross university, who are due to be accredited later this year...

Gaining experience

I'm planning to apply to veterinary school this fall, and this summer I'll need clinical experience with animals beyond the basic dog and cat. I'm hoping you folks here have advice.

When you have found veterinarians to shadow or to assist, how have you found them? Through friends of friends? By bringing resumes to all the clinics in town? I'm in a fairly urban area, so finding horse veterinarians will be tough -- those for farm animals nearly impossible. So I'll definitely be asking total strangers.

When you first approach a veterinarian you don't know, do you phone? Show up in person? Send a cover letter and resume? Do you ask to "shadow" or do you ask to "volunteer", or is there another better wording to use? If a resume is appropriate to have for this, what kinds of things are useful to put on it?


cat behavior question

Perhaps someone can help me understand something I've noticed one of my cats doing lately. When my two cats meet up after one or both have been outside, they sniff each other's faces, which I understand. But then one of the cats will sniff around the other one's throat, and sometimes even lick it, which I don't understand at all. Is this some sort of dominance thing?

I don't mean to depress anyone...

...but I thought this article might interest some of y'all.

Paper delves into British veterinarians' high suicide risk

OMG! I got accepted!

I was on the waitlist at VMRCVM, and got the call this morning to offer me a spot!

I wasn't expecting this: I am an RVT, not yet done with my B.S., and this was my very first time applying for school, and I only applied to two schools!

Those are crazy odds!

Now to start worrying about student loans and my husband finding a job in Blacksburg....


Hi Everyone :)

I'm wondering...how many of you currently in vet school, during the application process, held out a year (or more) because you weren't accepted to your first/affordable/reasonable/etc... choice? And how many of you pre-vetties would hold out a year in favor of one of your top choices, your in-state school, etc...?

**EDIT: I suppose I'm asking this because I'm considering Ross as my second choice. And general curiosity.